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October 19th, 2017

PC / Mac / SteamOS


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Marinatide is a sea fishing and exploration game, combining elements of strategy and adventure. You play as Marina — a rookie sea captain and a fishing over-enthusiast, roaming the waters with her partner, Vino, in search of the next big catch. But fishing life is not all breezy: there is a license to get and deadlines to meet. You have to fish against time and earn your keep or it’s all over! Though, there’s always another day...



  • Exploration - Go island hopping and find all the hidden fish areas
  • Fishing - Use various fishing equipment wisely to catch and collect fish of all kinds… but avoid catching endangered species!
  • Unlocking and Upgrading - Sell your catch to upgrade and expand your range of equipment
  • Questing - get to know the characters in the area and complete the missions they offer. Collect money, special items and rare fish for extra reward
  • Sea Cleanup - Collect garbage from the surface and the bottom of the sea to uncover new fishing spots, increase your haul and keep the waters clean!


Marinatide Launch Trailer YouTube

Marinatide 0.5 Update Trailer YouTube

Marinatide Early Access Trailer YouTube

Marinatide Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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