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May 12, 2015 (Early Access April 18, 2014)



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Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy / artillery game, where gravity is both your enemy and your strategic companion. In a distant solar system, you control a planet, developing its infrastructure, defenses and, most importantly, massive planetary cannons to fight enemy planets. No spaceship battles here - strictly planet-to-planet business. Conflict escalates and, BOOM! , hefty projectiles are finding their way straight into enemy cities! That, of course, happens if you manage to masterfully lay your slug’s trajectory through the gravity fields of celestial bodies on its way. Be careful! Gravity is treacherous. When you send out a shot, it can land back on your own planet...


It was during student years, back in 2010, when the initial idea of Interplanetary was born – a space artillery game with strategic elements. We had just completed a traditional artillery game for a C++ class and were having coffee and casually throwing ideas around. "How cool would it be if it was possible to shoot all the way to another side of a planet?" "What if there were two planets and you could use gravity wells to snipe the enemy?" That was an idea we could work on. Active development of Interplanetary began in 2013 and as the concept has gained some solid mechanics, the game was ready to be shown to the world. In late 2013 we submitted Interplanetary to Steam Greenlight and started open alpha-testing. The game got greenlit within a month and by April 2014 it was up for sale on Steam Early Access. With the help of our player community, we got time and resources to move Interplanetary to a whole different scale. Now, after two years in active development, we are presenting to you Interplanetary 1.0. Have a blast!


  • Build and manage your planet's infrastructure, defenses and weapons.
  • Gather resources and decide the most efficient use for them.
  • Research and develop increasingly futuristic technologies.
  • Spy on your enemies to reveal their planets' weak points.
  • Use your artillery constructions to aim through the planetary system, avoiding other celestial bodies and their gravity.
  • Fire your railguns, missiles and beam weapons to defeat the enemies and claim the planetary system for your civilization.
  • Play skirmishes against AI opponents in Single Player Mode
  • Challenge your friends in Hotseat or Online Multiplayer Mode.


Release Trailer YouTube

Early Access Trailer YouTube

Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Demonstration YouTube

Alpha Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Teaser YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award 2015 Winner" - Nordic Game, 21 May, 2015
  • "Best Creative Achievement of the Year 2015 Nominee" - Finnish Game Awards, 21 April, 2016
  • "Big Screen Game of the Year 2015 Nominee" - Finnish Game Awards, 21 April, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "This is what space combat will really look like. Not photon torpedoes or space lasers, but heaps of rock and metal fired at supersonic speeds across the cosmos or between spaceships. Maybe there’s one such missile floating towards us right now, fired by some unseen civilization. Probably not though. Probably you’ll have to play this game instead."
    - Graham Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Artillery-based strategy games almost come a dime a dozen nowadays, but I have to admit that “Interplanetary” pushes the boundaries far beyond this planet (pardon the pun)."
    - Vincent Paone, Dad’s Gaming Addiction
  • "Civilization against civilization, planet against planet… it’s artillery-based skirmish on a massive scale!"
    - Peter Christiansen, Wraithkal's Indie Gaming Corner
  • "Before I knew it, hours had flown by, and I was still in the midst of a great war, firing shells, missiles, and even laser beams."
    - Leon, The Indie Mine
  • "The game is very hard to grasp but once you know what you’re doing it is an amazing and beautiful game with a wide variety of things to do"
    - Stephen Ruff, Indiegamers

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Interplanetary Credits

Niklas Saari
Team Lead, Team Jolly Roger

Tarita Tammela
Graphic Artist, Team Jolly Roger

Teemu Tammela
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Antti Tikkakoski
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Jussi Hyttinen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Jukka Kivijärvi
Graphic Artist, Team Jolly Roger

Olli Leinonen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Valeriya Paykacheva
Marketing Coordinator, Team Jolly Roger

Sasu Kemppainen
Designer, Team Jolly Roger

Riku Leinonen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

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